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What is The Drawing Board?

The Drawing Board is a rolling advisory programme destined to help entrepreneurs hit the ground running and raise an institutional seed round. The programme offers hands-on assistance with:

  • business strategy,
  • product design and development,
  • business development,
  • investor documentation,
  • pitch preparation and
  • all things finance until a CFO steps in

What does applying entail?

You fill a form with some questions about yourself, the team and your entrepreneurial project. You can send your pitch deck if you have one. We receive it and analyse the information, do a bit of research if needed and make an initial assessment. If a pitch deck is provided, we analyse it as well. We then organise a 1-hour videoconference call to meet you and give you the results of our initial assessment. If we feel that all the conditions are reunited for the success of your project, we will offer to join The Drawing Board. If not, we will provide a detailed feedback on why we came to this conclusion and a suggestion of actions to be taken to reach a better position. Note: It goes without saying that the fact that we believe a given project at a certain point in time might not be ripe for success does not mean that it will not succeed. We have been wrong many times in the past and will be in the future. Entrepreneurship is not an exact science!

Who can apply?

Any entrepreneur that has not yet raised a seed round. For the time being we only accept Fintech projects. If you would like to get in touch after seed or if you don't do Fintech, we're still more than happy to talk to you - feel free to reach out using our contact form.

What happens during the programme?

We start by auditing everything that has been done to date (team building, product development, market research, financial modelling, business plan, etc.) and we then set out a list of actions to be done to reach the next fundraising objective. We give of our time to do actual work hand in hand with CEOs. Once we believe that the necessary documentation has been drafted, we build investor lists and help as much as we can with investor outreach and terms negotiation. Throughout the programme we do our best to help with getting products in front of clients since commercial traction is, at the end of the day, what really matters. Note: Even if we are hands-on, we can never replace CEOs in performing all of the above. A captain must know all the dark corners of his ship, so does the entrepreneur with their company.

Does Schema Capital provide financing?

Not automatically. We help with funding rounds in any case, wether we invest our capital or not.

Should I choose The Drawing Board over an accelerator?

Not necessarily. We are complementary to accelerators and often work with entrepreneurs before they are even ready to apply to them. We sometimes advise CEOs to join specific programmes when we believe there is a strong fit.

Is The Drawing Board a physical programme?

No, the programme is fully remote (this is how we worked even before COVID struck). You are however welcome to come and stay physically with us if you wish so!

I don't want to join the programme but I would like to send an investment opportunity. Can I?

Yes, find someone in our network that knows you and ask for a warm intro. JK, feel free to get in touch directly. We'll (hopefully) get back to you in a decent time.

What happens after the programme?

That's up to CEOs! Hopefully we would have helped raising a seed round and they would have a strong lead VC accelerating their progress from there on, needing us less. We are always happy, however, to stay involved and help when we can indefinitely.